Graffiti Pink Hair Salon - Graffiti Pink Hair, Richmond, VA SUCKS!

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I've been going here for several years & have always been pleased. However, this past Friday I went in for a cut & color, & the older of the two hairdressers turned my hair ORANGE! My son had put color on the back of my head to hide gray, I told her this so she could make whatever adjustments needed. She went OFF! I mean screaming at me. I should've gotten up & left, but shoulda/coulda... She said my son didn't know what the *** he was doing... "THAT'S WHY I'M THE HAIRDRESSER! HELLO!!" I defended my son, & she took it out on my head. She didn't like it that I "talked back" to her. It's okay for her to talk down to me, berate my son & act so childish.

When I asked if she could do anything, she blew me off saying, "I'm busy. I don't have time for this. Just go get some purple shampoo & keep washing it. It should tone down." Tone down? TONE DOWN? I LOOK LIKE BOZO!!

I was so nice when I called her about the orange color. I have cried & cried over this. She is just a rude, disrespectful, uncaring human. I would've never acted like this to a customer...someone who pays my bills, puts food on my on.

Both hairdressers are very unprofessional. They talk horrible about their customers, constantly complaining. I know the ins/outs of their lives & pretty much everyone elses since they tell EVERYTHING. I'm sure they had a field day once I left. They have no respect for their profession. She would never admit that she made a mistake...never, ever. My hair was fine in the front (not colored by my son), but because I stood up to her about him, she decided to pull revenge. Now, my entire head is orange.

If you want a professional hairdresser, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT GO TO GRAFFITI PINK HAIR SALON. 2311 Hungry Road, Richmond, VA 23228.

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